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┴├┘═ ┴Đ╠¤═╔┴Ë - AGON ARMONIAS 2012



International competition for pupils and adults with objective to promote the Ancient Greek literature and philosophy through poetry and composition (also for pupils who have not learned Ancient Greek).

 Addressed to the relevant department representatives of ancient languages, modern languages, English studies and music, as well as history, philosophy, arts and acting

Dear Sir or Madam,

For many years the international musical-cultural meeting place ôHellenikon Idyllionö has been a symbol of intercultural exchange.  Following on from our Ancient Greek competition AGON ARETES (┴├┘═ ┴Đ┼ďăË) in 2005 and the opera composition competition HELIKE ATHANATOS (┼╦╔╩ă ┴╚┴═┴ď¤Ë) in 2010, we are launching another competition this year that has already been held successfully last year.

You can find the results of AGON ARMONIAS 2011 here:

Object of the competition is the combination of Ancient Greek, philosophical thinking and musical artistic creation. Our intention is to promote the involvement with the Ancient Greek language and culture. The competition addresses mainly pupils and adults.


1. Choose a saying or a verse of an Ancient Greek philosopher or poet that does not contain more than 15 words.

2. Integrate this saying or verse in a poem that you compose in German, English, French or in Modern Greek and that conveys the meaning and the significance of the saying/verse. This saying/line should be used repeatedly in its original Ancient Greek pronunciation and, if possible, its translation in the refrain.

3. Find a composer or a musician (no restrictions), who sets your poem to music. Of course you can also set your poem to music by yourself. In that case we will evaluate the setting separately. The character of the setting can be rhythmical and dance-like, strictly classical or contemporary, as long as it is easy to sing.

4. As a student of the Ancient Greek language, write a statement (about 400 words) about the appeals that exist today to learn the Ancient Greek language and how you yourself would promote learning this language and reading Ancient Greek literature. We are also curious about your ideas and suggestions how to enable all students of Ancient Greek to get to know each other (associations, music groups).

If you are not learning Ancient Greek, write  a statement (about 400 words) about your motivation to enter the competition and about what exactly you find intriguing about the Ancient Greek language and literature.


The jury consists of the following persons:


The decision of the jury is final and incontestable.
The evaluation deals with the philosophic interpretation as well as with the realization of the content into a poem and the musical arrangement.
The results will be released at the end of September 2012.
The names of the winners will be published on our website and in the press.

Registration and deadline:

The submissions to the competition (only one submission per participant/ pair) are to be sent in until May, the 31st 2012. The letter has to contain four envelopes with the copies of your poem and the setting in form of a piano score, each envelope marked with your pseudonym. You can also add a CD with recordings to each envelope.

Students also have the option to create and send in a video clip containing a performance of the song and relating to the content and the aim of the competition. This video clip will be evaluated separately.  Put the four sealed envelopes together into a large envelope and add a supplementary sheet, on which you write your name, age, address, the address of your school, the name of your composer and the pseudonym you chose. We would also be happy to receive a photo of you and /or the composer, the creator of the video clip and/or your class.

Please seal this large envelope and send it by mail to: Hellenikon Idyllion, Andreas Drekis,
Kyanis Aktis 20 , GR - 25100 Selianitika, Griechenland.


The jury will evaluate the submitted works according to the abovementioned criteria.  After that a first, second and third prize will be awarded (probably more than one first prize as well as other awards will be given).  


1. Prize: The award winner and the composer as well as the designer of the video clip will get to stay one week for free at the meeting site "Hellenikon Idyllion".  Their entire school class is also invited to stay three days for free, if they stay for a week in total. Cooking facilities are available.

2. Prize: The second award winner and his composer as well as the designer of the video clip will get to stay one week for free at the meeting site "Hellenikon Idyllion" and his entire class is invited to stay two days for free, if they stay for a week in total. Cooking facilities are available.

3. Prize: The third award winner and his composer as well as the designer of the video clip will get to stay one week for free at the meeting site "Hellenikon Idyllion" and his entire class is invited to stay one day for free, if they stay for a week in total. Cooking facilities are available.

Object of the competition is to promote the intercultural exchange between Greece and your home country as well as to enable your entire class community to stay at our place at a favourable prize, in order to discover Greek culture on-site and experience the Greek antique by visiting famous archaeological sites.

In addition the three award-winners will be given the opportunity to participate free of charge in our Ancient Greek seminar (see below) within the next three years. The seminar takes place during summer and lasts two weeks. For award-winners who have not been learning Ancient Greek yet, it will be sufficient to send us a confirmation that they have received at least 20 lessons in Ancient Greek.

Every participant will get a certificate.

We will also make efforts to suggest ensembles and singers we know the performance of the works, especially of the winning ones. If one of the winning or the performed works becomes a commercial success, the organizer of the competition, the poet and the composer will benefit from the commercialization in accordance with the copyright.

The meeting centre äHellenikon Idyllionô:

The äHellenikon Idyllionô is a musical-cultural meeting place that is situated directly on the beachfront of the typically Greek village Selianitika ľ one of the quaintest villages of the north-west coast of the Peloponnese. The large grounds (4000 m▓) contain beautiful flower beds, lots of roses and trees, lovely wine-covered pergolas as well as an orchard and a vegetable garden. In this enchanted place orchestras, choirs, theatre groups, school groups as well as families and individual travelers meet. Seminars, lectures, symposiums, exhibitions, compositions, concerts as well as festivals are regularly organized and carried out at the Hellenikon Idyllion.  

For further information you can visit our new website:

We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that our Ancient Greek seminar ôSpeak Ancient Greek and Think Inspired Thoughtsö will be held for the 20th time this year and will take place from the 29th of July to the 12th of August under the supervision of Helmut Quark. All of the award-winners will be given the opportunity to participate in this seminar free of charge. For more information see:

In addition we have another exciting project this year: We offer free accommodation for 1 week to school classes that perform our unique libretto äHelike Athanatosô ľ in an edited and abridged version for pupils ľ during their stay here. Despite the rehearsal they will have plenty of time for excursions to some of the famous archaeological sites as well as for benefitting from the proximity of the sea and our large grounds and gardens. For more information :


Yours sincerely,


  Andreas Drekis (Founder and manager of holiday and meeting centre Hellenikon Idyllion)