Free accommodation for school classes that participate in our unique project

 “Helike Athanatos”


The Hellenikon Idyllion is a music-cultural meeting centre situated directly on the beachfront in the typically Greek village Selianitika – one of the quaintest villages on the north-west coast of the Peloponnese. One of our aims is the promotion of the Greek culture as well the cultural exchange between Greece and your home country, which is nowadays more important than ever. Thus we offer all school classes several different possibilities of an exciting stay with us that will further promote the cultural exchange between our countries.


I.  Free accommodation for 1 week for up to 20 pupils, including teachers, (for more pupils or a longer stay on agreement)
if you perform our unique libretto
„Helike Athanatos“ – in an edited and abridged version for pupils – during your stay here. Despite the rehearsal you will have plenty of time for excursions to some of the famous archaeological sites as well as for benefitting from the proximity of the sea and our large grounds and gardens. „Helike Athanatos“ was originally composed as an opera for our international composition competition 2010. In a simpler version for pupils, solely some parts of the libretto need to be recited.
The libretto is based on a true event and tells the story of the ancient city Helike, which was submerged due to an earthquake, its culture as well as the fate of two lovers and the archaeological efforts to excavate the city.
The setting has been simulated with the computer and can be used as inspiring background music to the recited texts. The pupils do not have to learn the text by heart, but they can sight-read it – either in German or in Ancient Greek. Alternatively, the pupils can also record the text before their stay in Greece, so that they only have to imitate the gestures during their performance at the Hellenikon Idyllion. However, it would be great (if possible), if some of the songs could be learned by heart. An open-air stage, a grand piano as well as sound and light engineering is also at your disposal in the premises in our garden. 


II. Free accommodation for up to 12 persons, also for classes that have not studied Greek,

from your school or from another school that you know, if they participate in some way in the performance. Pupils/teachers, who play an instrument like oboe, flute, horn, fagot, clarinet, violin or who sing, can equally contribute by playing some of the easy melodies.

The performances will take place in the midst of the impressive archaeological site of the city Helike that was submerged in 373 BC or, alternatively, in an ancient theatre or concert hall. The costumes will be provided by us.

Rehearsing and performing the libretto in a unique atmosphere will be an unforgettable experience and it will give you the opportunity to gain new insights into the Greek language and culture. After one or two performances we will be celebrating together with Greek pupils, archaeologists and local authorities.

Below you will find a short summary of the plot of the libretto. On enquiry we can also send you the entire libretto in Ancient Greek as well as the translation in German.


If you are interested, please contact us and let us know the exact dates of your stay with us. We also accept reservations for the next year. After your return you can continue performing the libretto and invite the Greek community of your town.




 III. Favourable accommodation for all other classes


Of course, we equally welcome all other classes that would like to get to know Greece, its ancient sites, culture and people to stay with us. In that case we are happy to assist you with the planning and the organization of the excursions. Thanks to the central location of the Hellenikon Idyllion, you can easily reach all of the famous sites.

In addition the Hellenikon Idyllion is the ideal place to relax and to enjoy the Greek countryside. Our large (4000 m˛) grounds contain beautiful flower beds, lots of roses and trees, lovely vine-covered pergolas, an orchard and a vegetable garden. There is equally a stone oven at your disposal.

In our beautiful and typically Greek village Selianitika you can experience the true Greek culture and hospitality. Of course, you can also realize your own project during your stay here. All sorts of cultural manifestations are welcome in the Hellenikon Idyllion. With your stay here, you can combine holidays with the artistic realization of a cultural project and thereby contribute to the cultural exchange between Greece and your home country. 



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