Competition in composition for the


Olympic Games of Greece 2004




“Hellenikon Idyllion” organizes a competition of composing on the occasion of the Olympic Games 2004 in Greece.


Aim of the competition: The aim of this competition is the transformation of the Olympic spirit into music. The goal is to create musical works coming from the 5 Olympic disciplines of the ancient Greece (sprint, jump, discus, spear, wrestling match) and from the poetry of Pindar that was dedicated to the ancient Olympic winners. These works should demonstrate the importance of the Greek ancient world for the present and the future.


The competition is open for composers of every age and nationality. The composition must not be performed in public before the 31. may 2003. It has to be send in by registered mail.


This letter has to contain:

-          the scores (3 copies) which will is signed with a keyword by yourself

-          1 envelope with name, address, curriculum vitae, actual picture of the composer and a declaration that he is the only author of the composition. The keyword has to be signed on this envelope, too.


As a part of the composition there has to be the spoken or sung lecture of the hymns of Pindar performed by a speaker and/or singer and/or choir. Five extractions out of the poems of Pindar to the Olympic winners of ancient time are chosen, but the way of composing them in the combination with the music is free (solo or choir, solo and choir, spoken singing, singing, but with orchestra).


The different Olympic disciplines have to musically recognizable in the particular works (sprint, jump, discus, spear, wrestling match). The old-Greek version of Pindar has to be present, though there can also be a translation into other languages, which can be performed before the musical composition.

The 5 verses by Pindar chosen by the management of this competition have to be included in the composition in the original ancient Greek language of Pindar. You can find the original text in ancient Greek and its phonetic translation (Latin) on the websites of Hellenikon Idyllion (text of Pindar) There will also be a spoken version of the texts as audio files.


Orchestration: There can be 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 4 French horns, 2 trumpets, 3 trombones, 1 tuba, 3 percussion players and an usual number of strings. It’s also possible to only use a part of the classical orchestra setting or to use – after getting the permission of the management of the competition - folk and special instruments. It is not allowed to write for electronic instruments.


Duration of the composition: 15-25 minutes, the particular hymns shouldn’t be longer than 3-5 minutes each.



1st prize: a journey from the living location of the composer to Selianitika/Egion, Greece (1 person) and staying of 2 weeks, food inclusive, at “Hellenikon Idyllion” (2 persons) and the premiere of the composition at the latest at the beginning of the Olympic Games 2004.


2nd prize: staying of 2 weeks, food inclusive, at “Hellenikon Idyllion” (2 persons) and the premiere of the composition at the latest at the beginning of the Olympic Games 2004.


3rd prize: staying of 1 week, food inclusive, at “Hellenikon Idyllion” (2 persons) and the premiere of the composition at the latest at the beginning of the Olympic Games 2004.


In addition two special prices are given to composers younger than 30 years.


The jury remains the right not to give all prices but in addition is possible to give special prices to some contestants, for example for singular parts of the work, or recommend the performance of the composition without attributing a price. We will make an effort and try to propose works which received a price to the Organization Committee of the Olympic Games 2004 in Athens and to organizers of other later sport competitions.


In case of the success of the compositions which got prices or has been recommended for a presentation, the organizer of the competition participates on the use and the sell, but the copyrights will stay with the composer.


In case of winning a prize, the composer has to provide the organizer with the orchestral material, alowwing the performance of the work.



Last date of entry: 31. may 2003 (date of postmark). The sending in has to be in written form.


Meeting of jury: End of June 2003



Themistokles Sermie (Greece): vocalist in the National Opera Athens , conductor

Daniel Knecht (Switzerland): pianist, director of the Conservatory of Zurich

Werner Schulze (Austria): composer, professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna


President of jury and idea/concept:

Andreas Drekis (Greece): founder and manager of the cultural center of “Hellenikon Idyllion”


Information and sending in:

Andreas Drekis

Hellenikon Idyllion

GR 25100 Selianitika/Egion, Greece

phone +30-26910/72 488, fax +30-26910/72 791


  Here you can see and print the poster of this competition