Highlights 2004

"Orfeus und Eurydike" in the old theatre of Argos

The opera "Orpheus und Eurydike" by Christoph Willibald Gluck was presented in the old theatre of Argos and Oiniades under the direction of Richard Sigmund. It was also presented in Hellenikon Idyllion. The opus was accompanied by the orchestra "Landesjugendsinfonie-Orchester Meran". The soloists were Matthias Ludwig (Orpheus), Francesca Micarelli (Eurydike) and Anne Görner (Amor).



Orpheus und Eurydike, Hellenikon Idyllion
Performance of the opera in the garden of Hellenikon Idyllion
  Orpheus und Eunidike, Argos
from left to the right: Richard Sigmund, Francesca Micarelli, Matthias Ludwig, Anne Görner


Orpheus und Eunydike, Oinades
from left:Matthias Ludwig, Francesca Micarelli
Flyer Opernaufführung am 23. August 2004 in Oiniades
Official Flyer of the performance on August,23rd 2004 in Oiniades
Landessinfonieorchester Meran in the old theatre of Oiniades near to Messologi (45 minutes away from the new bridge o Rio) the day of their performance


Video of the rehearsal  
"Orpheus und Eurydike"
in Hellenikon Idyllion
Download (mpg 1MB)
Video of "Hymnen von Pindar" on the occasion of the composition competition in Hellenikon Idyllion of Spyros Mazis, presented in the old
theatre of Oiniades

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The concert at the historical walls of Nafpaktos 9th of August

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In summer, the Sinfonische Blasorchester der Jugendmusikschule Singen and the Streichensemble Stringendo performed a small marathon. All in all, they gave 7 concerts here in Greece. Afterwards, they could recover from the exhausting performances in the "Garden of Muse" in Hellinikon idyllion in a comfortable greek atmosphere.They stayed in Hellenikon Idylllion from 2004/7/30 until 2004/8/8. The conductor of the orchestra had MD Siegfried Worch, the conductor of the Bruno Kewitsch.




The "Studentensinfonieorchester Marburg" stayed in Hellenikon Idyllion from 2004/9/22 to 2004/10/2. They gave several concerts on the main land, e.g. in Athens.


Studenten-Sinfonie-Orchester Marburg
Studenten-Sinfonie-Orchester Marburg
/o Musikwissenschaftliches Institut der
      Universität Marburg (Lahn)
Studenten-Sinfonie-Orchester Marburg in a performance in a grammmar school in Egion
Video (Radezkymarsch) of the concert in Messolongi
Download(mpg 992kB)


10 days of music of the Studenten-Symphonie-Orchester Marburg in the
garden of paradise "Hellenikon Idyllion"
der the direction of Alois Springer.

Alois Springer
about the stay of the SSO Marburg:

"It is
seldom when dreams come true and stay dreams yet.
One of my dreams were to make music in the nature and in the daily l
ife in a community of like-minded people, and to experience in a symbiose of sun, water, air and movement, freed of conventional constraints, as individuel person, in chamber music groups und in the big sound of an symphonique orchestra of 60 musicians.
Andreas Drekis,
founder and director of "Hellenikon Idyllion", gave to me and to the
Studenten-Symphonie-Orchester Marburg
the unique chance to fulfill this dream, not only during 10 days, but also with the prospect of having found a home in Greece at this special place on earth "Hellenikon Idyllion".

In this spirit, I rest grateful conn
ected to "Hellenikon Idyllion" .

          Alois Springer


The Streichorchester "Santa Maria" aus Luzern/Schweiz under the direction of Dieter Lange stayed in Hellenikon Idyllion from 2004/10/2 until 2004/10/13. They gave concerts e.g. in Megare/Athens on a terrrific winery in Nafpaktos on the occasion of the anniversary of the town and in Athens in the American College.


SantaMaria_Streichorchester   Lange_Drekis_Mazis
"Santa Maria" Streichorchester from Luzern/Switzerland during a concert in the American College/Athens
from left to the right: Dieter Lange, Andreas Drekis und Spyros Mazis


Video of the concert in the American College/Athens 2004/10/11

The piece "Work for string, piano and timpani" of Spyros Mazis was performed for the first time.

Downloaden (mpg 1MB)





Also from Switzerland, the Sinfonieorchester Orfeus / Ostschweizer Kammerorchester
with its conductor Martin Baur.
Together with the violon soloist Anette Birkenmeier, the members were guests in Hellenikon Idyllion.
From 2004/10/5 to 2004/10/12, they gave concerts in Messolongi, in Nafpaktos at the anniversary of the town, and in Athens at the Greek-German school.


A. Birkenmeier, M. Baur und griech. Gastspieler   Orchester Orfeus in Athen, openair Konzert

from left to the right: Violin soloist Anette Birkenmeier, conductor Martin Baur and the Greek guitar soloist Spyros Cholevas in Messolongi


Openair concert in the Greek-German school in Athens on the 11th of October




Video concert in Messolongi am 2004/10/7


Download (mpg 1MB)


Video Openair concert Greek-German school / Athens with short dance of Martin Baur

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In the middle of October (from 13th to 20th),the Chor der Friedenskirche aus Radebeul /Germany stayed in Hellenikon Idyllion.
 Under the conductor Karlheinz Kaiser the choir gave a concert Sopranistin in Kifissia/Athens together with the soprano Christina Kaiser.


Der Chor von Radebeul

The " Chor der Friedenskirche aus Radebeul" with Christina Kaiser and Karlheinz Kaiser at the grand piano in the concert hall of Kifissia/Athens

    Christina Kaiser und Karlheinz Kaiser
Christina Kaiser (centre) with Karlheinz Kaiser (on the left) and s.o from Kifissia who congratulates

Video concert in Kifissia/Athens 2004/10/15

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The Jugend- und Gospelchor von Seesen/Germany were in Hellenikon Idyllion from 14th to 20th of October.
 They performed under the direction of Andreas Pasemann among others in the Protestant Christus Church in Athens and in a grammar school in Egion.


Gruppenbild am Strand, Gospelchor Seesen

This time a different group photo: at the beach of Selianitika, which is situated directly in front of Hellenikon Idyllion (on the right in the background some houses of Selianitika)


Fröhliche Sänger aus Seesen

A small part of the choir at the entrance to Hellenikon Idyllion




Here in Hellenikon Idyllion, the Chorus Cantate Domino vom Bonner Münster, under the direction of Markus Karas, spent its Greece-journey.
From 23rd to 30th October, they gave concerts at different places.
In Patras, they accompanied a liturgy with its ecclesiastical singings and gave a concert in the archaeological museum of Egion.


Chorus Cantate Domino in  Egion, spontaner Zwischenapplaus

The Chorus Cantate Dominio during its performance in the archaeological museum of Egion, (on the right next to the music stand:Markus Karas)



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